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Brand & PR Manager Dane Saville goes solo to talk about the perfect complement to all of your digital marketing keystones (SEO, SEM, Social Media): Conversion Rate Optimization.  —— Topics Covered —— Why Do […]
You’ve created a solid digital marketing strategy that drives qualified traffic to your dealership’s site. It encompasses all of the keystones you’ve learned: SEO best practices Granular paid search ads Highly targeted programmatic media Plus […]
Brand & PR Manager Dane Saville sits down with CEO Dave Spannhake to discuss Responsive Search Ads, a relatively recent update to Google Ads campaigns. Here’s what they are and why they’re important for your […]
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A dealership’s paid search campaigns deliver one of the best returns on investment. A smart strategy prioritizes intent-based searches for a higher impression share — but it’s necessary to remain atop of the changing landscape […]
Brand & PR Manager Dane Saville invites CEO Dave Spannhake back to talk about homepage to SRP efficiencies: why it’s important to know how efficient you are and what the audit of our national dealer […]
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The purpose of your dealership’s homepage is to get people to the areas on your website they want to find. More often than not, they’re wanting to look at your inventory — new and used. […]
Reunion’s Brand and Public Relations Manager Dane Saville explains the purpose of and benefits from our national dealership network.     —— Topics Covered —— 0:33 — Purpose of a Dealer Network   1:04 — […]
Dealerships spend more on digital marketing than ever before. As reported in NADA’s 2017 Annual Financial Profile of America’s Franchised New-Car Dealers, 55.4% of a dealer’s advertising spend is on the Internet. Yet, the advertising cost […]
The NADA Show has historically been one of the greatest and loudest events in the automotive industry: 2019 continued that trend. Reunion Marketing brought four members of its Founding Team to stay on top of […]
Brand and PR Manager Dane Saville sits down with Reunion’s Vice President of Sales Chad Graves to talk about some of the company’s history, beliefs, and culture. —— Topics Covered —— 3 Big Reunion Moments […]