Small Business SEO for Greater Visibility

Effective onsite and offsite SEO puts your small business’ website in the first positions of search results for keywords that local consumers are using. The more space you occupy here, the more you’ll push competitors down or even off the screen. This improves your company’s visibility with the people who matter most: Now Buyers.

A Closer Look at Small Business SEO

Your partnership with Reunion means you’ll have our team work on granular SEO strategies, including the creation of highly relevant content on your site that satisfies local shoppers’ search intent.

Onsite SEO includes:


Specific information about your products and/or services in the site’s code to help search engines understand what the page is about.


Accurate title text that tells consumers exactly what they’ll find on the page.

Body Copy

Unique text that gives the most important information on each page.

URL Structure

Simple, proper combination of words, numbers, and dashes that follow .com.

Page Speed

Coding and development work to help ensure your pages load quickly.

Alt Text

Text that explains an image on your site when that image doesn’t load.

Internal Linking

Strategic linking to different pages within your site for easy navigation.

Offsite SEO includes:

Link Acquisition

Getting links from other authoritative sites to boost Google’s trust in your website.

Directory Optimization

Making sure your address, hours, and other information is full and consistent across all relevant directories, like Google My Business.

Local SEO

Ensuring your company’s name, address, phone number, and photos are all updates and accurate. This will look better in local searches and help your listing show up.

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