You Deserve Better than 4% CTR. We’re Here to Guide You.

Wordstream released its annual report of Adwords benchmarks by industry. It reports that the click-through rate for automotive paid search comes in at 4%.

Yes. 4%. Our question is — why?

If you’re stuck at 4% or less, let’s discuss some of the finer points about paid search to help clarify where the barrier may be.

Save Money Building Your Quality Score — The Forgotten Warrior.

We’ve written at length about Quality Score already, but here are two important points that we simply cannot ignore.

Ad Originality

Are your ads unique? Or are they templated bores? It’s important that your ad copy is unique, original, and relevant. You want a digital marketing partner that has the same writers creating your ads who craft your landing pages because they can better match these to the intent of in-market car shoppers. Consistency is key.

Ad Extensions

Do your ads have all of the applicable extensions?

  • Price
  • Call
  • Location
  • Promotion
  • Call-outs
  • Message
  • Sitelink
  • Structured snippets

Though Google doesn’t assign a specific value to these extensions, it does decide which of those it will show based on how likely it will improve the ad’s performance; hence, it’s a best practice of ours to use nearly all of them every time.

The Look of a High-Quality Paid Search Ad

The breakdown of your paid search ads isn’t complicated, but it’s essential for you to have an agency that understands the current best practices. Here’s how they should look:

A breakdown of an ideal paid search ad with colors to indicate different extensions and pieces

Unfortunately, there are still plenty of poorly constructed ads in automotive digital marketing as demonstrated below.

An example of a poorly constructed PPC ad

Have You Done Any Searches Lately?

Now that you know how an ad should look, what extensions it should have, and a notion of how ads can be original, conduct search — if you’re running paid ads.

Take a moment — [Make] Dealership [City] [State]

  • Now plug your information into those bracketed placeholders.

How do your ads look? Are you placed well? Do you stand out? Are you even showing up?

If not, let’s talk.

Why Reunion Marketing for My Paid Search Services?

Text regarding or 17.44% average SEM CTR compared to 4% industry average

We want to help dealerships achieve their potential, which translates into the 17.44% average CTR for our dealer partners. Let’s get a conversation started about how we can help you create killer paid search ads that deliver this kind of result.