Dane: We’re back for another episode of the KPI Cafe, and I’m glad to have you with me. I figured that you were tired of the testosterone and beards, so I have a new guest with me today. Her name is Nicki Betterbid, a Senior Marketing Consultant here at Reunion, and she’s the one who made the data-driven discovery that we’ll share today. (Turn to Nicki). Nicki, welcome to the KPI Cafe.


Nicki: (Face Dane) Thanks, Dane.


Dane: So today, we’re going to talk about the homepage banners on car dealer sites. I know the results you’ve found, but I don’t know what compelled you to dive into the data.


Nicki: I had a feeling that you were going to ask this. (Turn to camera) Well, since I started doing digital marketing for car dealers, the one consistent thing I’ve always heard from them was homepage banners. And it got me to thinking: How effective are they? Are they getting people to inventory faster? And with mobile traffic continuing to dominate the overall percentage of traffic, what was the data saying about the mobile user-experience? Was it helping or hurting?






Dane: I love that background. It’s right on point with the purpose of a homepage: Getting eyes on inventory with as little friction as possible. Now, our core mantra at Reunion is that data beats intuition. So, what did the data tell you about dealership homepage banners?


Nicki: For maximizing time, resources, and effectiveness, I found that dealerships should have a maximum of 3 banners.


Dane: Wow! I know that many dealers we partner with initially ask for far more than 3 banners. What specifically did you discover while looking at the data from our national network of dealers that lead you to this recommendation?


Nicki: I know that Reunion’s partners — and all dealerships — have plenty of new vehicle, used vehicle, and service specials. But across our network, we found that homepage banners account for only 5.99% of all homepage clicks. And of that 5.99%, almost half go to the first-position banner, which is about 2.7% total. And by the third banner, it’s only 0.86% of the clicks.


Dane: (Lewis Black face shake) So, in other words, you’re saying that first-position banners receive less than 3% of all homepage clicks. Knowing that, where are the majority of clicks happening?


Nicki: Great question. I also discovered that 70.09% of all homepage clicks are on the navigation or inventory search widget. And the rest are pretty much on quick links, model selectors, and featured inventory widgets.






Dane: (Facing Nicki) That reinforces the importance of a dealership’s homepage navigation and inventory search widget. (Turns to camera). So that means dealerships should spend their energy, time, and resources better by ensuring that, one, their navigation is simple and, two, their inventory search widget placed above the fold and easy to use. If you have any questions about this study, connect with me by emailing me at dane at Reunion Marketing dot com. That’s it for today. Thanks for joining us, and we’ll see you on December 28th about our car shopper million keyword study. Happy Holidays, everyone.