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Paid search is the most effective channel to capture low-funnel shoppers. If you partner with an agency, it’s important to know the metrics their SEM service achieves. Unfortunately, many digital marketing companies manipulate or cherry-pick […]

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Your dealership’s marketing decisions should be data-driven. A shift in the strategy. A change of platforms. An adjustment of the budget. Marketers have a lot of tools that offer the data to make these decisions. […]

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The early days of automotive digital marketing saw the rise of third-party sites like AutoTrader. Many dealerships spent their budget to display inventory on these aggregators while neglecting their own website. Dealers soon realized the […]

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Google continually updates its algorithms and products, creating more efficient ways to connect browsers with the content they seek. Not only did Google recently rebrand AdWords as Google Ads, but it has also introduced Responsive […]

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Paid search — also known as pay-per-click or search engine marketing (SEM) — remains an essential piece to any digital strategy. It promotes your dealership and inventory for searches with keywords that have a buying-intent […]