Opportunity Marketing: Create More Leads by Dominating SERPs

Your dealership can connect with even more in-market car shoppers. To drive this traffic to your site, you don’t need some new buzzword strategy or to even spend more money. You, in fact, have the capacity to do it right now.

The opportunity lives in Google SERPs.

These results from car shopper searches for your dealership’s make(s) and models — or even “car dealerships near me” — are your chance to acquire a huge upshot in organic traffic. To achieve this, however, requires a shift in your perspective.

Getting on the first page — or even earning the top spot — isn’t when you should stop.

CTR by Rank in SERPs — Take Up the Real Estate.

Advanced Web Ranking offers monthly insights about CTRs. Here’s what they reported for March of 2018 on mobile:

Chart that shows correlation between SERP rank and click-through rate

If you dive into the site, the data varies on multiple factors: was the search short-tail or long-tail; what was the searchers intent; was it a branded or unbranded search; mobile or desktop?

So, you can see that the top spot is important because of those clicks (21%). Now comes the but.

Even back in 2012, Moz reported in their study that …

“More importantly, the total of average CTRs for top 10 queries amounts to 208%.”

You’re probably wondering how something could amount to more than 100%. It means users, including car shoppers, click more than twice on the first results page.

It’s important, then, that your dealership occupies as much real estate in SERPs as you can.

“Right-to-Win” Searches for Car Dealerships

There are searches that your dealership has a “right to win.” As we said, people are searching for you, your make, or your models (services, too!). It’s a matter of employing the right strategies and content to connect.

Some of those searches include …

  • “Why buy 2018 [Make][Model]”
  • “2018 [Make] [Model] for sale [City] [State]”
  • “2018 [Make][Model] near me
  • “2018 [Make][Model[City][State]”
  • “Where to get oil change near me”

A Little Math to Consider

Using Advanced Web Ranking’s CTR data (see above), let’s assume your dealership operates in a mid-sized market that receives 2,000 searches per month for “honda dealership near me.”

The first position would receive 420 visits to the website.

The third position would receive 180 visits to the website.

Text: That's a Difference of 240 Car Shoppers Coming to the Website of the Dealership That Occupies the First Position in the Results


Now consider if your dealership took the top three spots:

  • 860 of 2,000 clicks from search (43%)

The rest of the SERPs rankings are stuck in the single digits.

You don’t want third-party websites like AutoTrader or CarGurus (or other local competitors) getting that lowest hanging fruit — you want those top positions.

Screenshot of actual SERPs with dealership dominating top spots

Are You Creating Opportunities?

That single question brings us to a number of other questions to provide an accurate answer:

  • Are you, or your agency, driving more qualified traffic to your site?
  • Do you prioritize your SEO based on which searches you’re underperforming in?
  • Do you have a plan to recognize where the biggest opportunities exist to increase total shoppers on your site?

We find that the opportunity is remarkable, but many dealerships across the country are simply not considering how remarkable.

If you’re interested in seeing the opportunities, let’s get the conversation started.