Make Better Strategic Paid Search Decisions With Auction Insights

Your dealership’s marketing decisions should be data-driven.

A shift in the strategy. A change of platforms. An adjustment of the budget.

Marketers have a lot of tools that offer the data to make these decisions. Google recently streamlined a product by adding it as a main card on the Google Ads UI.

It’s the Auction Insights Report.

When marketers need to request more budget, the Auction Insights Report delivers information with visuals that can be segmented by periods of time, highlighting the trends of an account’s impression share over time and against competitors’ trends in shared auctions.

Keep in mind that this report and impression share aren’t the sole, absolute method to make budget recommendations and strategy changes, but they are pieces that can bring clarity to situations so decisions can be made on how to move forward strategically.

How Does the Auction Insights Report Help You Make Decisions?

If your impression share for specific keywords and queries drops over time, it could be a sign of market volatility:

  • Your competitors might be spending more aggressively.
  • There may be an emergence of new competitors.
  • The search volume may have risen for a term.

Think of your dealership as a castle. If it’s being attacked, you reallocate your soldiers and equipment for combat, then adjust your other resources as needed.

And let’s face it: The battle is ongoing. That’s why you’re not the only dealership who’s been asked for more budget by your agency. In fact, it’s safe to assume every dealership has received that request. This tool lets your agency react to market changes and have solid, clear, and visual data to support requests for more budget or — when that’s not possible — a proposal for a shift in strategy.

Google Auction Insights Report that shows impression share, average position, and other data Line chart of Google Auction Insights that show trends over time against competitors

Our paid search team has a process for reviewing and weighting specific metrics, so you’ll want to do the same. Below are some of the data that the Auction Insights Report can show you.

Explanation of Google Auction Insights Report's Overlap Rate, Position Above Rate, Top of Page Rate, and Outranking Share

You can now review an unlimited amount of time, so you can look over and compare entire quarters. Keep in mind that the data does not represent 100% of impressions but a large enough sample to be useful and actionable.

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This content was written in collaboration with Paid Search Specialist Mike Ayer.