We Set a Benchmark for Homepage to SRP Clickthrough Rate. How Do You Compare?

By | August 29, 2018 | Automotive Marketing

Many of our prospects ask what separates us from other digital marketing agencies. These general managers, dealer principals, and internet directors receive dozens of calls from vendors every week (but you probably don’t need us to tell you that).

If you’ve looked over our website, you learned two facts about us that appear identical to some of our competitors:

  • Our services cover the same strategies, like SEO and SEM.
  • Our promises are the same: deliver more traffic and conversions.

We, however, don’t pigeonhole ourselves as a company of acronyms. We’re a data company that helps our clients achieve their objectives using digital marketing channels and strategies.

Auditing is just one of the data-driven strategies that distinguish us. We conduct dozens of network-wide audits that provide a better view of the automotive industry to set benchmarks for all of our partners.

Let’s take a look at one of the most important audits: homepage to SRPs.

Homepage to SRPs: Your Dealership’s Streamline to Leads

We’ve written about the importance of sending website traffic from your homepage to your SRPs:

Sharing part of our benchmarks — we can’t give away all of the secrets — is the next logical step. Below is a data set from our automotive dealership clients who send their traffic from the homepage to SRPs.

We have a few percentages for you to view:

  • Average — Sum divided by the number in the data set
  • Top — Best performers
  • Median — Middle point of the dataset
  • Bottom — Worst performers
  • Minimum Thresholds — Our benchmarks based on the data

List of percentages for SRP CTR: average, top 20%, median, bottom 20%

How Do You Stack Up Against Our Network of Dealers?

You’re in a competitive business, and you wouldn’t be here to learn more if you didn’t want to win. Let’s see how your homepage to SRP clickthrough rate compares to our Minimum Threshold: 55%.

We already shared how you can conduct your own audit — here it is again.

If you’re below our threshold, we can help you do better. We’ll audit your site, compare the results to our network’s data, and highlight all of your greatest opportunities to net more traffic and conversions.