Is Your Site Showing in SERPs for Relevant Search Queries?

By | August 10, 2018 | Automotive Marketing

Many agencies will highlight how you rank in the search results for various keywords. While that’s important, it’s more important that you rank for the right keywords.

Search Console hosts this information and more. You can see your rank, impressions, and clicks for different search queries. You’ll gain greater perspective on the types of keywords your local market uses to find your cars and services.

Rank, impressions, and clicks are connected, so don’t look at these metrics in silos.

Search Impression — When a car shopper hovers over your organic spot in the results pages.

Click — When a car shopper clicks to go to your website from the results pages.

Rank — Where your website link falls on the search results pages.

Monitoring these metrics lets you prioritize your keywords and create content to help boost pages that underperform.

Are You Showing Up in Searches? Are You Ranking for Intent?

When your pages get indexed, you’ll start acquiring impressions. More impressions typically lead to more clicks. More clicks help boost that page to a better rank.

As you build, expand, and refine your SEO efforts, you want to ask two questions:

  1. Am I showing up in a greater number of search queries about my dealership’s brand?

  1. Am I ranking for searches with modifiers that show intent? (e.g., “for sale,” “2018,” and “near me”)

When you can answer “yes” to both questions, you’ll know you’re creating content that’s relevant to your local consumer.

An Example from Audi

Screenshot of Search Console data for an Audi dealership

If you’re this Audi dealer, you want to understand your dealership website’s performance.

If you have many clicks and impressions, you’re doing great, so you should see a strong ranking. You may want to consider strategies that drive more traffic to that page.

Fewer clicks but a lot of impressions means you may need to update your title tag or meta description (or strengthen your call to action) to be more compelling.

Very few clicks and impressions means you should overhaul the page to enhance performance. You should begin by examining your on-site SEO.

Search Console Now Offers 16 Months of Historical Data

Google made a recent update that adds more power to click, impression, and rank data. Now you can look at more than a year’s worth of information regarding the queries most important to driving traffic and leads.

Whether you segment particular months to look at the channels you leveraged and content you created or set quarterly benchmarks based on your dealership’s most important objectives, there are so many actionable strategies you can implement without paying an additional penny.

If you’re not using Search Console, here’s how you can integrate it with your Google Analytics account.