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Your keywords influence nearly every piece of your digital marketing strategy. That’s why it’s crucial that you choose the best keywords based on the search queries that local car shoppers perform. An effective marketing agency […]

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You build the foundation of an effective digital marketing strategy by understanding how car shoppers search. We recently analyzed more than 10 million search queries from our network of nearly 200 dealers across the nation […]

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We like to produce a lot of content that can help you be your own expert. Significant time and planning go into what we think will matter most to dealer principals, general managers, and internet […]

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Summary: Banners earn 6% of all homepage clicks 2nd Position banners only earn ¼ of that 6% of clicks Reunion recommends no more than 3 banners   To get all of the insights from our […]

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Your homepage should do two simple things: (1) get people where they want to go on your site; (2) give people easy access to contact information. Each visitor should be able to accomplish both of […]

Google My Business has been positioned to be extremely influential in digital marketing. Reunion Marketing and Contact-at-Once conducted studies that will help dealerships establish best practices for getting the most out of this platform. Key […]

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What is this blog about? Many dealerships invest large amounts of marketing dollars in traditional media channels, such as television and radio. We walk through how traditional media actually comes with inherent waste and inefficiencies. […]

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What Is the Blog About? Many dealerships are not fully embracing programmatic, so it’s important to have a complete understanding of this new channel and the ways it bests traditional media. Why Should You Read […]

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Traditional channels — like television and radio — cover a much larger swath of communities than your primary market area (PMA). Because of this, your cost per thousand impressions (CPM) is not the cost to […]

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What Is the Blog About? Car shoppers rely on digital touchpoints across their buyer’s journey, so it’s important to properly set up your dealership’s budget. Why Should You Read It? You may still be using […]