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Businessmen crossing a chasm with a ladder

“The paint on the walls did not feed the children, nor did it tend the sick or educate the ignorant, but it gave hope and light, and helped to make people see there could be […]

“We need to be comfortable being uncomfortable.” My high school basketball coach relentlessly pushed this message and philosophy in every practice leading up to our State Playoff runs. He knew that no matter how much […]

Proper implementation and analysis of Multi-Channel or Cross-Channel Attribution models are possibly the most important factors to properly calculate and understand digital marketing Return on Investment (ROI). Here’s what an attribution model does… Essentially, these […]

As a CPA (Accountant) and a Google Analytics student, I get pretty jacked up about the fact that I can combine both skillsets and use Goal Values to help me calculate the return on investment […]

In digital marketing, you’ll often hear some repeated phrases … I didn’t realize that digital marketing would cost so much. We can’t afford to spend that much on the Internet right now. I, however, believe […]