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Just as quickly as cash flows out of the average Vegas tourist’s pockets, another Digital Dealer Conference is in the books. I’ve had the luxury of attending these conferences from both the dealer and vendor […]

Just as quickly as the year seem to start, we have breezed through the Super Bowl, March Madness, the Stanley Cup, and NBA finals — now left in the halfway summer months where ESPN is […]

Even if you don’t stick to all of your resolutions, one guarantee of the New Year is that it always brings a renewed excitement to the workplace. People are excited about new goals and new […]

I recently search for “Marketing cars to Millennials” into Google: 6,120,000 different results. Each link directed me to an article about the differences between millennials, people born between the mid-1980s and early 2000s, and all […]

While the eastern coast continues to feel the residual effects of Joaquin, I find myself fortunate enough to be in sunny and warm Las Vegas for the 19th Annual Digital Dealer conference. There are few […]

The year 2015 heralded a myriad of changes in the automotive business that have definitively changed the way dealers work with their customers. Companies like Google and other modern digital monoliths have catalyzed the progressiveness […]