Trade in the Hammer for a Hotjar … And a Few Other Exchanges for Digital Marketing

As with any effective craftsman, a marketer should use a number of tools that build a strategy that delivers a return-on-investment. There are opportunities to collect and analyze data: leveraging national search trends, tracking shoppers across your website, automating budget allocation, and much more.

You, however, may not know about all of the available tools.

Here are a few of our favorite data sources that you can either leverage within your own dealership or ask your marketing partner about to hold them accountable.

The Essential Digital Marketing Toolkit

Google Analytics

There’s a reason we place Google Analytics first. It’s the foundation of your strategy. Without it, you’ll never make strategic decisions about your website.

You can look over volumes of data:

  • Where shoppers came from
  • What device they used
  • Where they went on your site
  • Where they left
  • How long shoppers typically are on pages
  • Which pages convert and which don’t
  • Demographic information on site visitors
  • Site speed (overview and pages)
  • Goal completions

By having your AdWords and Search Console accounts integrated with your Analytics, you can pull even more data.

Google Analytics also lets you set up custom dashboards to easily access the data that you feel best reflects success for your digital marketing efforts.

Google AdWords

AdWords supplements your ability to connect with car shoppers who have the strongest intent to buy. You select and bid on keywords relevant to your cars and dealership branding, as well as eliminate negative keywords — the ones with no real value but are similar only in semantic or structure, not shopping intent.

When you have AdWords campaigns built out, you can look into Google Analytics to see which queries compel shopping behaviors (and at what volume).

It’s important to note that you want to use as many keywords as possible to create multiple ad groups that fall into several campaigns. The more specific you can be, the higher your quality score, the more relevant your landing pages, and the more money you save.

Other Tools We Couldn’t Live Without.


Moz is one of the most powerful tools to supplement Google Analytics. It aligns with vital SEO factors, such as directories, keywords, page speed, and on-page content. There are two main buckets: Moz Local and Moz Pro.

  • Moz Local identified the many directories on which your dealership needs to have a presence. You can use it to manually update information on them, as well as request that Moz push out changes on some directories.
  • Moz Pro gives you insights about keywords, backlinks, and on-page SEO — both what you’re already doing and what opportunities you have. Pull these volumes of data to better understand what you see in Analytics.


Hotjar is a remarkable tool — and is a lot of fun. You can see a heat map on your web pages that shows where car shoppers are moving their mouse, hovering, and clicking. This gives you insights about on-page changes you can make from actual car shopper behavior on your dealership’s site.

It also allows you to record sessions on your site and see the car shopper’s progression; what they actually do throughout an entire session to back up claims.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a free resource that gives you insights into variations of queries people ask regarding a keyword you type into its search bar. You can organize the report in various ways, from lists to pinwheels.

This tool helps optimize the spend of your budget. It provides direct insights about budget trends, so there’s a consistent reallocation of money to get the best possible results — so no more overspending or underspending. The platform analyzes your ads and cuts out a lot of grey area by acquiring the data and analyzing what it’s telling you. This means more efficiency and greater expediency in optimizing your campaigns.

If you have any questions about these platforms or need assistance with getting them set up, just reach out.