Here’s What You Should Expect From an Agency Partner

By | November 1, 2018 | Events and Culture

A marketing agency must be more than the sum of its services. The agency ensures its health and success through trust, and it will become clear that your dealership is more than a monthly bill of sale. That’s the foundation of a reference-worthy partnership.

To build that level of trust and become a true partner, your agency should:

  • Stay connected
  • Be transparent
  • Bring value

The 3 Principles of Building a Partnership

Stay Connected

Your agency has likely assigned a point of contact to you: an Account Executive, Marketing Consultant, or specialist with a comparable title. This person offers support, replies promptly, and prioritizes you.

You should be able to call your agency and talk to the same person — no support ticket, no transferring, and no runaround. The same applies to texts, emails, or any other form of communication.

Do you know the name of your contact at each of your vendors? If you don’t, that’s a red flag that your partnership isn’t as strong as it could be.

Be Transparent

The agency you partner with should always be transparent, and that starts with the initial sales pitch. Honesty about services, results, and support is vital for building a partnership. You should never sign a contract without clearly defined expectations.

When you onboard with an agency, their first three months of work should be orchestrated with a level of detail that big box vendors don’t offer. You should have full access to any and all data. It’s yours, after all.

If you don’t own your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts, that’s another warning sign. You can agree to let the agency administer those on your behalf, but they need to be fully transparent about any insights they acquire in the process.

Bring Value

The value of a partnership can be measured in a number of ways.

Is your agency …

  • Bringing new ideas?
  • Testing new strategies?
  • Explaining the why behind their decisions?
  • Saving your money where they can?
  • Offering guidance on what to do next?

A disconnected agency partner will deliver static reporting: “Here are the numbers, and here is how they are better than the last numbers.”

You deserve a thorough report that details the decisions they’ve made for your account.

Trust is valuable: Do you own your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts?

Exceeding expectations is valuable: When was the last time your agency partner answered questions about chat vendors or traditional media buys or other insights?

Do you even value your partner’s insights enough to ask those questions?

The Next Steps

You need to own the process from here. Use the three principals discussed in this post as a foundation to review your agency, even if your numbers are trending up. If your partner satisfies them, you know you’ve found something special.

Are you getting as much out of the working relationship as you deserve? That’s a question you must answer.

This content was developed in collaboration with Reunion’s Vice President of Marketing Matt Triana.