Healthcare SEO That Connects You with More Patients

We use data from our network of more than 150 businesses to make strategic decisions to make sure you appear in the top spots for local healthcare search queries.

You Need Precise and Surgical SEO to Win Consumers

We apply industry-leading best practices to raise your business visibility where it will make the greatest impact.

On-Site SEO: The Mechanics

  • Meta
  • Headers
  • Body Copy
  • URL Structure
  • Page Speed
  • Alt Text
  • Internal Linking
  • And More

Off-Site SEO: The Extra Effort

  • Link Acquisition
  • Directory Optimization

You Need to Push Competitors Down the Results Pages

Our SEO helps you get ranked so your site occupies a greater portion of search results pages. Potential patients will have more opportunities to connect with you — and fewer to connect with your competitors.

You Want Web Traffic That Turns into Foot Traffic

We create an SEO plan that creates more opportunities for you to turn leads into patients.

Conduct Market Research

Your dedicated Marketing Consultant conducts thorough market research to understand how patients in your area search for healthcare services.

Set a Game Plan

We conceive, develop, and deliver a plan that places you in the top spots for searches that indicate a patients is ready to make an appointment.

Create First-Rate Content

Our content answers patient search queries so your business shows up in the top spots and delivers an outstanding user-experience.

– And then we do it all over again until your business dominates search results. –

Your Marketing Partner Should Have the Right Certifications

Data is useless if you don’t know what it’s telling you. Every member of our Marketing Department has the certifications that prove we can access, understand, and use the data from our sources.

Analytics & Adwords

  • Google Analytics
  • AdWords Fundamentals
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising