PPC Strategy That Engages New Patients

Pay-Per-Click (PPC), also referred to as SEM, is the strategy that puts your practice directly in front of in-market consumers looking for answers about healthcare services — even above organic rankings.

Conquest is the key, and our strategy helps you do that while keeping bids low and clicks high.

PPC Equation: Quality Score (QS) X Bid Price = Position

We build high-caliber search campaigns by focusing on the QS, so the ad gets the best placement at a lower bid. Three pieces are necessary for a better QS:


Landing Pages

Ads send people to landing pages, so it’s vital the ad message and page content match.

Click-Through Rate

Great copy gets clicks. Our team of skilled writers create ads, which have multiple extensions for clickable opportunities based on the browser’s device and are constantly A/B tested.

Ad Relevance

Ads written by Content to match the user search will improve relevance. In other words, we’re creating a user experience that keeps prospects clicking.

RM Paid Search: Quality Score X Bid Price = Rank

We’re a Google Premier Partner.

3% — That’s the percentage of agencies who acquire this badge of honor. You benefit because our Paid Search Specialists have earned Google’s recognition as a Google Analytics and Google AdWords-certified professional. They’ve conquered the many exams that assess their product expertise, demonstrating their qualification to grow your practice on the web using AdWords.

The Only Way We Like Our PPC Keywords.

We’re wild about data, which is why we dive into hundreds of keywords for paid search campaigns. Our team conducts exhaustive research to yield hyper-targeted ad groups for specific consumer searches.

We Don’t Operate on Commission.

Some agencies may take advantage of you by making decisions that make them more money. That’s not who we are — and that’s not what we do. Our strategy does not operate on a commission structure. We work on a flat rate to ensure transparency and honesty as we consider all options to deliver the best ROI for you, not us.

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