Digital Dealer 26 Attendee Guide | Orlando, Florida

Digital Dealer 26 Basic Information

From April 9th – April 11th, Digital Dealer 26 returns to Orlando, Florida, with a full set of educational sessions and activities for all who attend. It’s tough to keep up with everything, which is why we created this page: to help dealers stay up-to-date on all-things #DD26 in a central location.

Reunion Marketing at Digital Dealer 26

Dane Saville

A Guide to Content Planning for a Better Bottom Line

Dave Spannhake

How to Recession-Proof Your Marketing Plan

Dave Spannhake | Reunion Marketing | Digital Dealer Speaker

Eliminate Waste. Set Goals. Benchmark Performance. See How You Compare.

Reunion Marketing – Booth #100

Why You Should Visit Booth #100

Digital Analysis

See how your metrics compare to a national network of dealerships.

Amazon Gift Card

Enter to win a $100 Amazon gift card by having our team conduct a free digital analysis.

Be in the Know in Orlando

The Joe, Arnold, and Shaun Karaokethon

April 9 | 9:00 PM
O’Shucks Pub and Billiards
7467 International Drive, Orlando, FL

Who Is Reunion Marketing?

We are a full-service digital marketing agency. If you haven’t heard of us, here are a few reasons we need to meet:

  1. We leverage data from our national network of dealerships to make data-rich decisions to increase the net total people shopping on your site, submit leads to your dealership, and, ultimately, come to your store.
  2. We use granular digital marketing strategies to lower costs per car sold. Here’s one of our case studies about that.
  3. We have a Youtube channel that continually provides educational insights about digital marketing.
  4. Every dealership gets a dedicated Marketing Consultant.