We Enjoy the SEO Work. You Enjoy the New Patients.

Stop thinking about simply optimizing. Start thinking about dominating. Our SEO services that will place you front and center for searches about dental services and procedures, from routine to emergency. When consumers have a dozen options online, you don’t want to just show up — you want to dominate the results.

Our SEO Is As Surgical as a Tooth Extraction.

We first learn what the whole picture is, then we attack each piece with precision and care. By approaching SEO in this manner, we get your practice visibility where it’s most potent.

On-Site SEO: The Technical Work

  • Meta
  • Headers
  • Body Copy
  • URL Structure
  • Page Speed
  • Alt Text
  • Internal Linking
  • And More

Off-Site SEO: The Extra Effort

  • Link Acquisition
  • Directory Optimization

Dominate the First Page of SERPs — and Don’t Compromise.

People need dental work. You perform dental work. And we work diligently to have you two meet. In order to do that, you need to show up in the prime spots in the right searches.

And your content needs to give them the answers they want. That’s what our SEO strategy will do for you.

Web Traffic to Foot Traffic. We’ll Convert Browsers to Patients.

We dominate when you dominate. It’s that simple. The more opportunities we create for you to connect with patients, the better we both do. That’s why we do all of the legwork for your SEO:

Conduct Market Research

You’ll have a dedicated Marketing Consultant focused on your success. He or she is on a team that dives into the details of market research to strengthen expertise on current search behaviors.

Set a Game Plan

We use the market research to conceive, develop, and deliver a plan that puts you in the game with greater visibility for the right consumer searches.

Create First-Rate Content

We ensure that visibility by creating first-rate content that answers the consumer’s queries: ensuring the searcher gets answers from your dental practice.

– And we do it all over again. –

In Every Decision We Make, Data Is the Driving Force.

Traffic doesn’t simply show up. Browsers don’t just turn into patients. It takes a flood of data that is analyzed, vetted, and applied. So we use the tools that deliver the most relevant data and analytics that let us combine exposure and conversion to make things happen..

We analyze an overview of your website performance

We see where all your organic traffic is coming from  

We understand how Google sees your website

We Have the Preferred Certifications, Too.

Data is useless if you don’t know what it’s telling you. Every member of our Marketing Department has the certifications that prove we can access, understand, and use the data from our sources.

Analytics & Adwords

On-Site SEO: The Technical Work

  • Google Analytics
  • AdWords Fundamentals
  • Search Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Video Advertising
  • Shopping Advertising