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The early days of automotive digital marketing saw the rise of third-party sites like AutoTrader. Many dealerships spent their budget to display inventory on these aggregators while neglecting their own website. Dealers soon realized the […]

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Google continually updates its algorithms and products, creating more efficient ways to connect browsers with the content they seek. Not only did Google recently rebrand AdWords as Google Ads, but it has also introduced Responsive […]

As last month came to an end, we noted something peculiar about our dealer network. Those who used CDK as a website platform saw significant increases in organic traffic that coincided with the Google “Medic” […]

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 This session poses two important questions that most dealerships principals, general managers, and marketers needs to answer. What is the competition doing? How can data be used to increase website shoppers? Reunion Marketing’s CEO […]

Many of our prospects ask what separates us from other digital marketing agencies. These general managers, dealer principals, and internet directors receive dozens of calls from vendors every week (but you probably don’t need us […]

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One of the first landing points on your site for many car shoppers is the homepage. That means it’s important to drive them to your SRPs with as little friction as possible so they turn […]

The Recent Google Algorithm Affected Traffic Flows Across CMSs August 20, 2018 — Reunion Marketing personnel noted a remarkable increase in organic traffic for CDK websites that directly coincides with a Google algorithm update. While […]

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We like to produce a lot of content that can help you be your own expert. Significant time and planning go into what we think will matter most to dealer principals, general managers, and internet […]

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You build the foundation of an effective digital marketing strategy by understanding how car shoppers search. We recently analyzed more than 10 million search queries from our network of nearly 200 dealers across the nation […]

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All month long, we’ve been sharing data and insights to equip dealers with what they need to hold their marketing vendors accountable. If you missed it, here’s what we published throughout July: What we learned […]

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Many agencies will highlight how you rank in the search results for various keywords. While that’s important, it’s more important that you rank for the right keywords. Search Console hosts this information and more. You […]

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You’ll find no shortage of great conversations happening in automotive retail. Brilliant voices throughout the industry are delivering content on topics ranging from chat to inventory turnover to digital marketing. Recently, our CEO Dave Spannhake […]