Automotive Social Media Ads That Convert Targeted Shoppers

Many dealerships spend 2/3rds of their budget in traditional marketing.

Consider this, however:

  • The average person sees 10,000 ads per month
  • Only .45% will convince someone to buy a car

Your dealership can use its money more effectively by spending it on highly targeted audiences (demographics, geography, and other qualifiers) car shoppers ready to make a purchase — the now buyer.







Hit 5 Main Objectives, Keep Costs Low, Measure Results

Our library of 5 dealership objectives helps create more sales with more than one ad and a better targeted audience.


    • New Car Carousel Ads
    • Used Car Carousel Ads
    • Specials Ads
    • Lead Generation Ads
    • Retargeting Ads
    • Single Image Ads




    • Canvas Ads
    • Geographic Ads
    • Demographic Ads
    • Awareness Ads
    • Other Carousel Ads
    • Service Ads









A/B/C Testing to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Budget

We conduct thousands of A/B/C tests of car and service ads to understand what gets car shoppers interested. This lets us deliver the most effective ads to your prospects — and extend the value of every dollar.

Custom Social Ads That Convert and Build Brand Awareness


Stock image? White background? Forget that nonsense. Our social media team coordinates with designers to make sure our compelling ads match the tone and look of your business.