Automotive PPC : Drive Clicks and Quality Score


You may have heard Search Engine Marketing referred to in several ways: paid search, SEM, and pay-per-click. This strategy connects in-market car shoppers with your dealership(s) via budgeting a spend to bid on highly relevant keywords.

It’s important that your campaigns are granular and comprised of dozens of ad groups based on thousands of keywords so you can match various ads to car shoppers’ varying intent and expectations. Your ads should also have unique headlines, ad text copy, the right extensions, and proper deep linking.

Why work with Reunion Marketing?

We build hyper-targeted ad groups from thousands of keywords from our national network of dealers, aiming to boost each ad’s Quality Score to balance and even potentially save costs for you. In addition to these ads, we employ an effective remarketing strategy that delivers custom ads with why-buy messaging to shoppers after they leave your site.

Not only do we maintain a cadence of ads that build brand familiarity and hit the right frequency, but our strategies also stay on top of Google’s latest innovations, such as Responsive Search Ads.

Our Paid Media team has all of the certifications to assess and utilize Google Ad data, who’ll then collaborate with your dedicated Marketing Consultant to make the best possible decisions.

This approach has yielded clickthrough rates that are four times higher than the industry average.