Paid Search
That Gets Eyes
on Your Inventory

A savvy paid search campaign puts your automotive dealership right in the face of in-market consumers looking for answers about your cars and maintenance services — above the top spot for organic ranking.

Stick it to your competitors with a strategy that keeps your bids low and your clicks high.

First-Rate Paid Search Campaigns Built Around Quality Score.

By focusing on quality, the ad can earn the prime position at a lower bid. Three things are necessary for a better QS:


1.Landing Pages

Ad clicks are sent to landing pages, which are written by the Content team. That’s because you want the ad message and page content to match.

2. Click-Through Rate

Compelling copy gets clicks. Our Content team writes the ads, which boast multiple extensions for more clickable opportunities based on the consumer’s device and are constantly A/B tested.

3. Ad Relevance

Ads written by Content to best match what the user is searching for will improve relevance. This means you’re creating a user experience that keeps prospects clicking.

RM Paid Search: Quality Score X Bid Price = Rank

Google. Premier. Partners. It’s Like Paid Search with a V10.

Only 3% of agencies have acquired this status. You benefit because each Paid Search Specialist has earned Google’s recognition as Google Analytics and Google AdWords-certified professionals who’ve passed exams that confirm their expertise.

Keywords Galore
— Because We’re Data-Driven.

If you want a keyword, we can get you that keyword. In fact, we’ll get you hundreds of them. Our team does incredible research that yields hyper-targeted ad groups for specific consumer searches.

No Commission.
No Conflict.

Some agencies have sticky fingers. We don’t like it. That’s why our strategy does not operate on a commission structure. We keep it honest while considering all possible options to get the best ROI for you — not ourselves.

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