PPC Built for More Leads at Lower Costs

Our paid search strategies focus on building a great Quality Score. We know there’s a direct connection between a higher score and a lower bid price so you save money without sacrificing your rank.

Ad Rank = Quality Score x Bid Price

Here’s how we maximize the value of every ad dollar:

1. Landing Pages

Match with the ad’s content, which aligns with the car shopper’s interest.

2. Clickthrough Rate

Original copy, extensions, and A/B testing for a better CTR.

3. Ad Relevance

Copy that best matches user intent for a better user experience.

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You Deserve an Honest Marketing Partner

Some agencies run on commission. We don’t like it. That’s why we ask our partners to invest in a flat fee so they know our decisions deliver the best ROI for them — not ourselves.

We’re Google Premier Partners: It’s Like Paid Search with a V10

Your PPC Strategy Needs A Lot of Keywords for Optimal Effect

If you want a keyword, we can get you that keyword. We build hyper-targeted ad groups from hundreds — even thousands — of keywords.

  • More keywords mean more ads
  • More ads mean more relevant landing pages
  • More relevant landing pages mean higher QS
  • Higher QS means dollars saved

Too many dealers have too few keywords and are spending too much money.