Content That Drives the Competitive Advantage

Content isn’t king. Good content is a kingmaker. It’s part of a digital marketing strategy that can get a competitive advantage.

High-quality content    UX focus    Driven by data

No joke.

Priority Keywords That Generate Greatest Potential Gains.

People are asking questions about your cars and services — right now.

“Where to get oil change near me?”
“Why buy 2017 [Make] [Model]?”
“Which car repair shop is the best?”

If you’re not creating content that satisfies the most important consumer searches, you’re not creating opportunities for conversion. So, that leaves you with the two most important questions:

  • Do you need content created?
  • Do you need data-driven updates to existing content?

We create killer content, from model detail pages to fixed ops, based on keywords that deliver qualified traffic, which we hit with messaging that encourages conversion.

content competitive advantage

Every Strategy Gets Extra Torque from Our Writing Team.

Your dealership has a certain personality you’ve created. Our team of strategists and writers work hard to understand the tone of voice you set — that means there’s consistency across every piece of content.

That Same Team Writes All of Your…

  • Paid Search Ads
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Headers (H1, H2)
  • Alt Image Tags
  • Body Copy
  • And Much More!

Research. Research. Research. We’re Obsessed with Data.

We do a lot of research, which lets our content team produce different pieces that create a big, fascinating, and effective content marketing plan.

Content Strategist (n) — Looks at the keywords. Analyzes the search trends. Crafts your content strategy.

Content Writer (n) — Dives into the subject or topic. Implements the strategy. Writes compelling messaging. Gets qualified traffic to your pages.

Content Lead (n) — Researches best practices. Establishes standards. Holds everyone accountable.

We Don’t Just Write Content. We Create Experiences.

That’s because experience sell people. We don’t cram keywords. We don’t care about Google bots. We consider what people want to know, how they want to learn it, and how you can best deliver it.