Automotive Content Marketing for More Traffic and Conversions

Effective automotive content marketing answers local car shopper queries, such as “Why buy [Year] [Make] [Model]?”. When you understand what they’re searching for, you can build and prioritize a consumer-driven content plan. Content marketing does not stop with getting shoppers to your pages. It includes understanding how they behave on your site so you can strategically create and place opportunities to convert browsers.

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A Closer Look at Automotive Content Marketing

You need a clear message that’s communicated through an easy user experience across your website and other marketing channels. It also should not be static. That’s why our team creates a unique, tailored 3-month rollout plan, which is updated quarterly based on local search trends and on-site behavior.

We review all content using industry-leading best practices.

Paid Search Ads

Granular, tailored ads that have the right text and extensions, which land on a relevant landing page.

Title Tags

A title that appears at the top of the page and indicates the subject matter for it.

Meta Descriptions

Uniquely written previews of what’s on the page that car shoppers can click on.

Headers (H1, H2)

Accurate title text that acts as a guidepost for consumers as they read through the page.

Alt Image Tags

Text that explains an image on your site when that image doesn’t load.

Body Copy

Unique text that gives the most important information on each page.