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Summary: Banners earn 6% of all homepage clicks 2nd Position banners only earn ¼ of that 6% of clicks Reunion recommends no more than 3 banners   To get all of the insights from our […]

Guard shielding profits from inclement weather

As most people involved in the automotive industry are well aware, 2016 was a blockbuster year in terms of sales and profits for auto manufacturers and dealers alike. Sales easily surpassed analysts expectations of 17.7 […]

Success in digital marketing is dependent upon understanding the data in your Google Analytics profile and using it to learn how to drive leads to your business. To understand how to increase leads on your […]

Doing local SEO is as important as focusing on regular SEO, but it does come down to how you address it if you want it to be successful. Local SEO can be complex, but as […]

Over the past several years, we’ve seen an increased focus on identifying and improving upon the source that provides the most conversions. However, what happens when that conversion river runs dry? I’d like to recommend […]

Digital marketing has long created controversial arguments. Perceived value. Proper use. Effective strategies. Today, the industry still evokes skepticism and arguments among decision makers. It’s no wonder, considering some of the mistakes and misguided efforts […]

Just as quickly as the year seem to start, we have breezed through the Super Bowl, March Madness, the Stanley Cup, and NBA finals — now left in the halfway summer months where ESPN is […]

One of the main goals of content writing for websites is to improve your SERPs ranking. If you want to convert readers, you first need them to click through to whatever you just wrote, and […]

There are three certainties in life. Death, taxes, and Google keeping marketers on their toes. If you’ve been paying attention the past few months, Google has been testing placement of four ads instead of three […]

This New Year brought with it a greater amount of reflection than in years past. I would largely attribute it to the fact that I’m entering the second year of ownership of a new company. […]

Even if you don’t stick to all of your resolutions, one guarantee of the New Year is that it always brings a renewed excitement to the workplace. People are excited about new goals and new […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has seemingly countless pieces, which can make approaching it seem daunting. But once it’s broken down into smaller pieces, it becomes much more manageable. What I’m hoping to accomplish here is […]