Over the past several years, we’ve seen an increased focus on identifying and improving upon the source that provides the most conversions. However, what happens when that conversion river runs dry? I’d like to recommend […]

Digital marketing has long created controversial arguments. Perceived value. Proper use. Effective strategies. Today, the industry still evokes skepticism and arguments among decision makers. It’s no wonder, considering some of the mistakes and misguided efforts […]

Proper implementation and analysis of Multi-Channel or Cross-Channel Attribution models are possibly the most important factors to properly calculate and understand digital marketing Return on Investment (ROI). Here’s what an attribution model does… Essentially, these […]

Google maintains a partners program where you can earn certifications in either AdWords or Analytics. Each discipline offers various courses that help marketers train and hone their knowledge, and I would like to review each […]

Content. It’s what every digital marketing professional refers to as … King. Lord of the Realm. One content piece to rule them all. So we all know that content is king. That, however, is not […]

The year 2015 heralded a myriad of changes in the automotive business that have definitively changed the way dealers work with their customers. Companies like Google and other modern digital monoliths have catalyzed the progressiveness […]

  In a bit of reverse psychology, we created a blog last week that hinted at the insight provided in today’s post. That brings to mind this past Friday’s discussion. We talked about the importance […]

The data from Google Analytics gives us some of our most insightful and actionable information to grow sales and lead opportunities. It — quite honestly — may be the most important marketing data we have. […]