Guard shielding profits from inclement weather

As most people involved in the automotive industry are well aware, 2016 was a blockbuster year in terms of sales and profits for auto manufacturers and dealers alike. Sales easily surpassed analysts expectations of 17.7 […]

Cartoon character going through phases of a purchase

Is your agency or marketing department identifying when customers convert? This is an important question as digital marketing becomes the predominant method of advertising your business or product. It’s no longer sufficient to claim XX […]

Businessmen crossing a chasm with a ladder

“The paint on the walls did not feed the children, nor did it tend the sick or educate the ignorant, but it gave hope and light, and helped to make people see there could be […]

Earlier this year, I attended the 2nd CBT Automotive Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, along with a few members of the Reunion Marketing team. It was a great experience, and I want to share some of […]

Machinery working in harmony behind a speaker

Okay … admittedly, this was my first attempt at a clickbait title. In my defense, however, that title contains the message that I’m most passionate about in today’s marketing world. Stop thinking about marketing in […]

You know what they say about opinions — everybody has one. And with access to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, we all have a personal platform to share our opinions, no matter the context, background, […]

Web design trends come and go at an alarming rate. While those trends, by nature, are ever-changing, there is one element in design that remains the exception: image quality. It’s vital for any website to […]

Colors are controversial. You probably didn’t think that in kindergarten. The use of colors in branding and conversion optimization are a significant marketing debate topic. And most of the debate revolves around the notion that […]

“We need to be comfortable being uncomfortable.” My high school basketball coach relentlessly pushed this message and philosophy in every practice leading up to our State Playoff runs. He knew that no matter how much […]

Porsche. It’s the one car brand synonymous with performance and history. It even has a model, the 911, that reigns as one of the longest running sports-car models in the automotive world — and for […]

Boosting a post can be a great way to begin your Facebook advertising journey. While you’ve got a great start to attracting authentic followers, you want to capitalize on the business page algorithm change and […]

As the end of the year approaches, most owners and managers use these remaining days in 2016 to prepare their plans and goals for next year. Within our company, we are busy setting different initiatives […]