Amplify Your Conversions with High-Quality Content

It’s quite likely you’ve heard that “Content is king.” Our philosophy differs a bit – we use content to crown kings. We apply strategies that gain traction in organic rankings, connecting keywords to consumer search trends, to dominate your market.

Yes, Great Content Converts Browsers into Patients

While you’re reading this, people are searching for healthcare services.

“Which local doctor takes my insurance?”
“Can dental cleaning damage teeth?”
“Where can I get LASIK eye surgery?”

If your site lacks compelling content that answers these queries and more, you’re not connecting with potential patients. We ask ourselves two questions to help ensure we make the biggest impact:

  1. Does your site need new content?
  2. Does your site need data-driven updates for existing content?

We create compelling messages based on the search trends of browsers seeking healthcare services and answers to health-related issues.

We Apply Our Dynamic Writing Talents to Every Strategy

Your practice is your life — and every aspect of it should reflect who you are. We have a remarkable team of strategists and writers who dedicate themselves to understanding the tone of voice you’ve created, which is carried across every piece of content we offer.

This team writes every bit of your …

  • Paid Search Ads
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Alt Image Tags
  • And Much More!
  • Title Tags
  • Headers (H1, H2)
  • Body Copy

It’s All About the Data. All Day. Every Day.

Our content team researches and produces different pieces that create a comprehensive, savvy, and effective content marketing plan.

Content Strategist (n) — Looks at the keywords. Analyzes the search trends. Crafts your content strategy.

Content Writer (n) — Dives into the subject or topic. Implements the strategy. Writes compelling messaging. Gets qualified traffic to your pages.

Content Lead (n) — Researches best practices. Establishes standards. Holds everyone accountable.

Our Strategies Focus on Creating Customer Experiences.

A sentence doesn’t sell. An experience does. We don’t create for the sake of adding more keywords or worry about Google bots and crawlers. Our data tells us what people want or want to know, and we develop a journey that delivers it to them.