Automotive PPC Built for Greater Inventory Turn

Your paid search ads should put you front-and-center for car shoppers whose searches indicate they’re ready to buy. In order to do that and continually maximize the value of every dollar, it’s important to focus on a high Quality Score.

Here’s how to get a better Quality Score (QS):

1. Landing Pages

Landing pages that match the ad, which aligns with the car shopper’s interest.

2. Clickthrough Rate

Original copy, extensions, and A/B testing will help improve CTR.

3. Ad Relevance

Copy that best matches user intent will generate a better user-experience.

RM Paid Search : Rank = Quality Score x Bid Price

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No Commission — No Conflict.

Some agencies have sticky fingers. We don’t like it. That’s why our strategy does not operate on a commission structure. We keep it honest while considering all possible options to get the best ROI for you — not ourselves.

We’re Google Premier Partners: It’s Like Paid Search with a V10

Keywords Galore to Keep Your PPC Robust and Effective

If you want a keyword, we can get you that keyword. We’ve built hyper-targeted ad groups from hundreds — even thousands — of keywords.

  • More keywords mean more ads
  • More ads mean more relevant landing pages
  • More relevant landing pages mean higher QS
  • Higher QS means dollars saved

Too many dealers have too few keywords and are spending too much money.